William Street Exhibition Larger Works

These are the A2 prints on show in the exhibition. Click on each for a larger image.

L1006643 Watching Umbrellas, April 21, 12:53:14 PM

L1008184 Out, May 1, 6:32:16 PM

L1008778 Talking, May 8, 7:37:58 PM

L1010584 Roast Duck Share, June 14, 8:19:54 PM

L1011477 Open For Ideas, June 26, 6:26:15 PM

L1014784 Green Dress 1, September 27, 6:06:05 PM

L1015662 Amnesty on William, October 11, 5:45:11PM

L1018175 Perth Mosque Sunrise, November 10, 5:36:24 AM