On the V/Line

I have been travelling between Ballarat and Footscray to work since April. It is a beautiful journey although most of it has been in the dark. I started taking snaps with my iPhone. These were not always satisfactory because of reflections, the tinted train windows (which are sometimes a bit grubby) and the movement of the train.

I found that the best way to take these iPhone snaps was to press my phone right up against the glass and to hold my other hand above the top of the phone to prevent light from the carriage reflecting off the glass. The movement of the train blurred objects at varying rates, depending on how far away they were. These limitations resulted in some poetic and  painterly effects.

Most of these images are from dark cold early mornings, but there are a few of my homeward journey. I enjoyed sitting in the solemnly quiet commuter train, people sleeping around me.

I have selected some of these images to post here. They are organised according to months. I might add to these in coming months. Click on each thumbnail to see more.


May (to 18 May)

May 22-31