Salt Tide: Concrete Reef (2009)

Kurb Gallery, Northbridge, Western Australia, June 2009:  Salt Tide: Concrete Reef




















I like to walk, and while walking, notice and observe the mysteries and dramas and changes taking place in the environment. More than this, however, I enjoy the way that the camera makes something new out of what is already there.

Once I have photographed an area I start to see it differently. I feel more strongly that I inhabit a living place, a reef of experience. Everything exists in a kind of shoreline.*

I find lots of surprises. Sometimes I feel compelled to photograph places that are about to be destroyed by bulldozers and flatpack architects. I do this not so much as a record, but as a reminder of the hidden corners and folds in the landscape, magic places that people and animals make for themselves. Digital photography can help us all to see what is going on.

I mostly use a Nikon D80 camera.

Pippa Tandy 2009

* This is particularly dramatic in the images of the saltlakes of the north-eastern wheatbelt, where aggressive clearing and farming has mineralised the landscape.

Note on presentation: These were mounted behind glass in cheap mounts bought in discount stores, which meant some of the images had to be cropped slightly to fit. There is also a lot of reflection seen in the installation shots, but because the works were carefully hung flush with the gallery wall, this was not a problem in the show. (All images on this page © Pippa Tandy.)


Salt Tide: Concrete Reef Installation Shots