Old & New, an Exhibition at the Kurb Gallery, September 2011

These images are from an exhibition at the Kurb Gallery, Northbridge, Western Australia. I have posted all the works from the show here. There are a number of images which are very similar, but  the appearance of the works on the walls of the gallery was an important factor in their selection. Most of the horizontal works are approx 29 x 44 cms. They were mounted on 5 mm foamcore. Eight other horizontal works measuring 18.9 x 33.6 were mounted on aluminium (the Claisebrook series). The vertical works are approx 17 x 12. The latter were cropped slightly so that I could frame them in small cheap Ikea frames, which worked quite well. Some installation shots appear at the end of ths post. Versions of a few of these works (uncropped) will be on show at Gallery Horikawa,  26–31 January 2012, as part of the exhibition “From the West: Small Works by Seven Western Australian Artists”. (All images on this post © Pippa Tandy 2011.)

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