Mental Landscapes (2006)

Kurb Gallery, Northbridge, Western Australia, February–March, 2006: Mental Landscapes















The images below are interventions that bring together some of the iconography of the mid-to-late twentieth century (stills from films, television, documentary photographs, my own photographs and other sources), and text from Ballard’s writing. The icons I have chosen are not intended to illustrate Ballard texts. They will be typologically suggestive, and recognizable as examples of the technological landscape of the later twentieth century. I have been led to the images by Ballard’s texts, and my analyses of them, but have found that through combination, repetition and reconfiguration of these images, they open up my reading of Ballard, and of the technological environment.

Click on the link or select from the menu to view related images I adapted from these to accompany a presentation to an international conference on the work of J.G. Ballard at the University of East Anglia in 2007.