My facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/Pippa.Tandy.Photographer

I have recently moved from East Perth, Western Australia, to Creswick, a small goldrush town in the Central Highlands of Victoria. (You can view some of my photographs of aspects of my gradual move here in blog posts on my main page.)

Whenever I can I like to walk, photographing the landscape, people and built environments. I find digital photography to be a wonderful tool for the discovery, observation and investigation of my surroundings. In Perth these were changing so fast that was almost impossible to apprehend these transformations from one day to the next. It is a little different here in Creswick, but when change comes, it comes quickly! I  also use film, which requires me to work a bit harder and take more time to think about what I am doing.

The earliest images in these pages were shot with a small Kodak point-and-shoot. As my needs changed and the technology became more accessible, I started using a Nikon D80 camera, and then a Nikon D300S. The lenses I use include a Zoom-Nikkor 17-55 lens, an 18-200, a 50 mm f 1.4G, and  a 35 mm f 1.8G. I used to shoot with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3, or a Leica X-2, which are handy cameras when you don’t want to be too obvious, or to carry too much. The works in the most recent Japanese show were shot with the Nikon and a 35 mm or 50 mm lens, except for a couple for which I used the 18-200 mm. Most of the latter Dwellingup photos were shot with the 18-200.

I now use a Leica M9P most of the time, with  50 and 35 mm lenses, and a Leica MP film camera.  I also started working with a Mamiya 645 in February 2016.

I print my own digital work and experiment with different types of paper. I printed the later works for Japan on Hahnemühle Rag Pearl Paper, which I really like, and the ones for the Dwellingup residency on Ilford Gold Fibre Silk, which is a bit easier to get hold of in Perth. The earlier works in these pages were printed on whatever I could get hold of at the time, by whatever means. Most of the Alice Street exhibition was done on Canson Platine.

Images from my various exhibitions are posted under the Exhibitions link on the main menu, with dropdown links for each.

My most recent exhibitions are Alice Street: Images from a House in August 2012, and The William Street Project, December 2013. Works in the Alice Street show and installation shots can be found here. I also exhibited some works from the William Street show at Ballarista Expresso Bar in Ballarat in February. My first show in my new home!

My book about the Alice Street Project was launched on 10 October 2015. Images from the William Street exhibition are here. Information about the book is here.

In Perth I made images during my daily ten kilometer walk to and from my work, often in darkness.  Some of these are posted in the blog page on this website. Now that I am in Creswick I am photographing the area as I take long walks in this geologically, historically and botanically fascinating place! I have not yet updated these pages with my most recent work, but I will!